1. A cancellation is defined as a prior representative (primarily manager, coach, or captain) of an already paid team contacting 7's that they will be unable to participate in an upcoming 7's tournament (segment or season) at least 24 hours before the official start date of the specific tournament the club has joined.
  1. As stated in the Terms and Conditions, 7's publishes its rates and tournament rules and formats a considerable amount of time prior to opening of a specific tournament.
  1. Teams who have signified intent to join a specific tournament shall settle their payments to 7's at the latest a week prior to tournament starting date to ensure their participation.
  1. The team who informs 7's that they shall cancel their tournament (season or segment) participation shall be refunded 50% of their registration payment (entry fee).
  1. However, teams who have played in at least one match in an on-going tournament season or segment, but then decided to withdraw participation, shall not be entitled to any refunds from the entry fee they have paid prior to opening date.
  1. Teams who cancelled their participation prior to the starting date and had received a refund, but decided to re-join shall pay an additional equivalent of 75% of the original entry fee posted by the league prior.

Example: Entry fee = $1000
Refund = $500
Re-joining fee = $750

  1. As stated in the T&Cs above, game day no-shows have corresponding penalties for the team's win-loss records in the tournament standings.
  1. By participating in 7's-organized tournaments, eams shall honor the items above in the Cancellation and Forfeit Policy.