The 7's Football League is a platform for players to fulfill their life-long athletic journeys. 

7's has built a sustainable system that focuses on awareness, continuity and mastery of football skills, ensuring that players will have long-term progress.

Players start with awareness through learning that football contributes to healthier, longer, and better lives.

To make sure there is continuous growth, the league system runs all-year long with two seasonal segments dedicated two both youth and adults (men and women).

In the Philippines alone, the 7's franchise has established 9 independent leagues in key cities across the country, with over 400 clubs and thousands of athletes participating.

Athletes who wish to take the journey a step further may even join the 7's Elite Academy and its regional inter-league tournaments like the KAMPEON, ASEAN and Asian Cups for high-level mastery of the sport.

7's football is aimed at providing a home for its athletes to enjoy the sport and live their lives to the fullest.

This is 7-a-side football and we are the future.