Rules of the Game

7's is played with a combination of indoor futsal and outdoor traditional soccer rules and in a fast-paced set-up.

The exciting nature of the 7's game allows for more goals, more thrill, and more drama!

Rules for the game are listed below:

  • Seven players a side at a time
  • 16 players per roster
  • Unlimited substitutions, in-and-out style
  • No off-sides
  • Throw-ins instead of kick-ins
  • Two 25-minute halves
  • Five-foul limit per half (penalty kick for succeeding fouls)
  • Two-minute yellow card handicap (down to six players for two minutes)
  • No draws
  • Five-minute extra time allowing golden goal
  • Hockey-style striker-vs-keeper shootout to decide winner

    Season and Tournament Formats

    Each of the local leagues in the 7's Soccer League United States system operate independently per location.

    All leagues have the following format:

    • League table
    • Single-round robin; all teams play each other
    • Playoff format
    • Quarter-finals, semi-finals, and knockout final for championship
    • $2000 cash prize
    • Free jersey kits and more
    • All-star players to be selected to represent league in next level

    The 7's Soccer League USA is divided into two main umbrellas or conferences: Bay Area for Northern California region and Los Angeles for Southern California region.

    Bay Area

    • North Bay
    • South Bay
    • East Bay
    • Peninsula

    The four all-star team selections will play to see who wins in the Bay Area Cup.

    The best players will then be picked to represent the Bay Area all-star team.


    Los Angeles

    • Sherman Oaks
    • Santa Monica
    • Orange County
    • Rancho Cucamonga

    The four all-star team selections will play to see who wins the Los Angeles Cup.

    The best players will then be picked to represent the Los Angeles all-star team.


    California Cup

    North will then meet South in the ultimate battle, California Cup to see who rules 7-a-side soccer in the state.

    Stand-outs get a chance to:

    • Win cash prizes
    • Get scouted by professional soccer clubs overseas
    • Fly to represent 7's Soccer League in an international 7's championship competition


    International Competitions

    The 7's international franchise promotes the same system for every country with a 7's umbrella league.

    All-star champions progress to an international championship meet and take home glory!

    • 7's Soccer League USA all-stars
    • 7's Football League Philippines all-stars (KAMPEON Cup)
    • 7's Football League Brunei all-stars
    • Cash prizes
    • Championship trophy